The Wednesday Knights

We are a group of seven mostly lifelong friends that decided to close the distance between us by connecting over a tabletop role-playing game called “Dungeons & Dragons.” Join us weekly as we fight against gods themselves live on Twitch, Wednesday nights at 7:30PST.

Connect with us:

  • William @low5ive– the DM
  • Aaron @real9rain – Cyric, the changeling rogue
  • Adam – Kharl, the halfling ranger
  • Bradley – Arblagrash, the human barbarian
  • Dan – Versu, the half-elf sorcerer
  • Mika @sirenmika – Rheja, the aasimar paladin
  • Miles – Propolis, the dragonborn warlock

The Story

Each week, I recap the session’s events.  If you want to keep with the group’s antics but can’t commit to a 3 hour video every week, or if you want to refresh your memory going into the next episode, this is a good way to do it.

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